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Doulgas Howarth Classical and Jazz Crooner

Specialist in singing jazz standards,

songs from the musicals, opera, and folk and pop classics.

Douglas Howarth sings classics from a bygone era. The most popular and nostalgic tunes from the songbooks of Frank Sinatra, Matt Munro, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, and many others.


He also sings much of the Paul Robeson repertoire, John Denver, Don McLean and others, and famous songs from the musicals. Howarth sings in a variety of styles: from crooner-style jazz, folk, and opera, to smooth pop and comedy songs .....and in several languages - including French, German, Spanish and Italian.


Whether accompanying himself with acoustic guitar, or with backing tracks, Howarth provides great entertainment for weddings, family and public events, and homes for the elderly.


In addition, Howarth is an experienced close-up magician, and can also transform into popular children's entertainer Potty the Pirate - and so is able to provide all-round entertainment for any occasion!